Dear ClickUp Community,

It’s been an amazing six-year journey since we launched ClickUp 1.0, aiming to revolutionize productivity by creating the ultimate ‘everything app’ for work.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a significant leap forward with the release of ClickUp 3.0, now available to all users.

Throughout this journey, we’ve learned valuable lessons, and while our ambitions sometimes led to optimistic timelines, our team of over 1,000 dedicated employees has worked tirelessly to deliver the most powerful and innovative version of ClickUp yet. Today, I’m incredibly proud to say that we’ve achieved that goal.

Your feedback, combined with our unwavering determination, has resulted in a product that firmly establishes ClickUp as a leader in productivity tools.

Performance and Reliability: The Backbone of ClickUp 3.0
We’ve rebuilt our infrastructure from the ground up, focusing on rock-solid reliability and limitless scalability. ClickUp 3.0 delivers extreme performance gains, boasting over 99.9% uptime and real-time updates without the need for manual refreshing. This significant advancement brings you:

  • 2x Faster Overall App Performance
  • 3x Faster Task and List Views
  • 5x Faster Search

As your Workspace expands, our infrastructure adapts to ensure continuous optimization and speed enhancements.

Coming soon: RapidViews DB™
With ClickUp’s unique views and database graph, we have the capability to generate and aggregate views across all your Workspace data. For example, you can create a view sorting every task by due date. While this has sometimes led to slow loading times for complex views, we’ve developed innovative new database technology to ensure even the largest and most complex views load almost instantly. We’ll roll out RapidViews DB™ to ClickUp 3.0 users in December.

Features Redefining Work:

  • Universal Search: Instantly find anything in ClickUp or your other work apps from one centralized location
  • Custom Task Types: Organize beyond tasks—for accounts, cases, backlog items, and more
  • Unified Inbox: See work and notifications side-by-side for unparalleled productivity
  • Modern Design: Experience a visually pleasing and intuitive interface
  • ClickUp Canvas: Customize your pages with our new Canvas technology
  • Personalized Home: Start each workday with focus and clarity
  • Team Overviews: Gain instant insights into projects with quick-view summaries
  • Content Hubs: Organize and access all ClickUp Docs, Dashboards, and more in one place
  • ClickUp AI: Harness innovative intelligence for project management tasks
  • 3.0 Mobile App: Faster and redesigned with new features
  • Plus, enhancements like the Command Center, App Center, Conditional Logic in Forms, and Custom Fields Manager

We’ve created a hub for resources and training to explore ClickUp 3.0 further.

Looking Ahead with Purpose and Passion
As we celebrate this milestone release, our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation remains steadfast. ClickUp 3.0 is not just about what we’ve released today—it’s the foundation for a future where productivity and innovation seamlessly intersect. Together, we can measure and improve productivity like never before.

Thank you for being an integral part of this incredible journey. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing community. Thank you for your support, your loyalty, and for joining us in our mission to make the world more productive, together.

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