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Manage, send, and automate your LinkedIn activities. boostenX Makes it 72% easier to get in front of your ideal clients and helps you get 10X more responses.


$2,495 / Monthy
pro Plan

  • All the basic features you need to begin closing deals!

  • Done-by-You Software
  • Help Centre & Onboarding
  • Built in Chat Support
  • A/B Tested Outreach Templates
  • Unlimited Enriched Profiles Monthly
  • Billed annually
Most Popular
$495 / Monthy
Advanced Plan

  • Everything included within the basic plan, plus more!

  • Done-with-You Support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Support
  • Detailed onboarding & implementation
  • Ongoing 1-on-1 success strategy
  • 750 Enriched Profiles Monthly
  • Billed annually
For Individuals
$199 / Monthy
Basic Plan

  • All the basic features you need to begin closing deals!

  • Done-by-You Software
  • Help Centre & Onboarding
  • Built in Chat Support
  • A/B Tested Outreach Templates
  • 250 Enriched Profiles Monthly
  • Billed annually

Using an automated LinkedIn tool can be a great way to streamline and optimize your LinkedIn activity. With an automated tool, you can schedule posts, engage with other users, and even send messages, all without lifting a finger. This can save you a significant amount of time and allow you to focus on other important tasks. Additionally, an automated tool can help you increase your visibility on LinkedIn by consistently posting and engaging with other users. It can also help you build and nurture relationships with potential clients, partners, and other professionals in your industry. Overall, an automated LinkedIn tool can be an invaluable asset to your LinkedIn strategy and help you achieve your professional goals.

Our Assurance

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frequently asked question

How does it work?

BoostenX is a sales engagement agency specializing in multi=channel outreach. Our custom software fully automates cold outreach using a highly effective multichannel strategy to put you in front of your ideal prospects.

What does dedicated account manager do?

Your dedicated account manager acts as the primary contact between you and your dedicated BoostenX Pro team. They facilitate the onboarding process and regular 1-on-1 strategy sessions and updates. Our account managers are highly knowledgeable about lead generation and how to leverage multiple channels.

How long does it take to get started

You can start sending messages as soon as you sign up and link your account.

What results can i expect?

Our clients experience an average response rate of 8% – 12%.

With BoostenX Pro, we are constantly running reports to optimize campaigns to exceed our average response rates. Some of our annual BoostenX Pro clients have ROI of more than 700%!

Do i need Linkedin Sales Navigator to start?

You don’t need it, there are many ways to get started, like uploading your own CSV file and using our data base

What is the difference between BoostenX Essential and BoostenX Pro?

We call BoostenX Essential a “Done-with-You” service. You get a dedicated BoostenX account manager to assist with using the platform, guidance on campaign strategies, and optimizing workflows.

BoostenX Pro is a “Done-for-You” service, and our team of campaign managers and copywriters takes complete control of your BoostenX account and outreach campaigns. We manage everything, including:
- A/B test messaging and targeting to maximize ROI
- Creating qualified prospect lists
- Manage & optimize your campaign strategy
- Dedicated account manager, campaign manager, and copywriter
- We also provide a BoostenX Pro add-on where a dedicated appointment scheduler will fill your calendar with sales calls with qualified leads from your campaigns


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